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GNSS related links


Download ICDs: Download Interface Control Documents (ICD) for navigation users, L1C and L5 etc.
History: A historic timeline of the GPS system.
GPSintro: A good page with elementary information of the GPS system.
Technical GPS introduction: A GPS pdf including technical slides with full description.
GPS calendar: The GPS calendar with gpsweek julian day and ordinary date convertion. Available for several years.
GPS outages: An overvire of current GPS satellite outages, also include historical overview
What is your time: List a number of current times (local, UTC, GPS, etc), based on your local PC clock. Also current DOY and leap seconds are listed. Links for information about the different time scales are also present.
GPSaveraging: Examples of the significance of averaging with a Garmin handheld. This only includes data with SA turned on.
Chris Kuethe: GPS hackery and some good explanations with many links.
GPS constellation: Information about the current GPS constellation.
Individual SV: Information about the individual satellite status.
Orbit utilities: Executable of orbit files utilities.
Precise ephemerides from IGS: Download ultra rapid, rapid or final orbits from IGS here.
Antenna calibrations: Calibrated antennas from NGS.
Gravity and WGS84: Links to Earth gravitational models and programs and utilities associated with these.
DGPSreceiver: Build your own DGPS receiver.
GPSd: A GPS service daemon that monnitors one or more GPSes attached to a host computer through serial or USB ports. Only on Linux platforms.
GPS Tools: GPS/GNSS Precise Analysis Software. Matlab source code are available.
GPS toolbox: A list of existing algorithms and source code available.
Software recommended by UNAVCO: A list of programs recommended by UNAVCO for remote control, downloading and data transfer, preprocessing, and processing for various receiver types and data formats.
Opensource GPS projects: A list open source GPS projects.
Open source tools: Nice logging and converting tools u-blox and other receivers.
GNSSTk: The Essential GNSS Project at the University of Calgary. Opensource project with many relevant algorithms
GPSTk: Official homepage for the GPS Toolkit. Opensource project with many relevant algoritms.
Map and GPS: Cool site with listing of free GPS software, good explanations and maps related to navigation GPS receivers.
GPS almanacs: Download historic almanacs, NANUs and opsadvisories from this archive.
Navigation Center, United States Coast Guard: Updated reporting of satellite constellation and DOPS etc. both in real time and historic.


Download ICD: Download the Galileo Open Service (OS) Interface Control Document (ICD) from here.
Galileo satellites: Description of the first Galileo GIOVE satellites.
Giove B-launch: Official webpage for the Giove-B satellite.
Giove images: Images from ESA for the Giove satellites.


The Information-Analytical Center: Information support on the satellite navigation questions based on GLONASS, GPS, and GALILEO.
Roscosmos: The Russian Federal Space Agency with news about the GLONASS launches etc. If you are not familiar with russian you need a translator.
GNSS almanacs: Historic almanacs for GPS and GLONASS etc.
Download ICD: Download the Glonass Interface Control Document (ICD) version 5 released 2002.


Space launch vehicles: A list of chinese space launch vehicles.
Official chinese site (In Chinese): Development, launch, operation, and applications.
China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT): News, products and services from CALT.
Download ICD: Download the official and complete Interface Control Document (ICD) also including almanacs and ephemerides of the Beiduou-2/Compass open service, released December 2013.


Beginners guide: A brief introduction to spaceweather and its impact on radio signals, written mainly for engineers and system designers.
Ionospheric propagation: Software concerning Ionospheric propagation and radio noise at the International Telecommunication Union.
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance, SID, monitor: Presentation of sudden ionospheric disturbance monitors and a ppt on how to design your own.
Ionospheric models: Page with lots of different models related to the ionosphere. Electron density models, F2 peak models, electron temperature models etc.
International Reference Ionosphere: The official page for IRI, description, source code and programs are available.
SSN prediction: Cycle 24 sunspot number prediction.
Sunspot numbers: Graph from the space weather prediction center of the sunspot numbers and the current solar cycle.
Information: Lots of explaining why solar storms can cause so much damage to our society.


Tropospheric propagation: Software concerning Tropospheric propagation

Kalman filter:

Introduction: A nice introduction to the one dimensional kalman filter.
Tutorials: Tutorials and many links for beginners and further.
Matlab examples: A chapter of the kalman filtering and some matlab code examples intended for implementation.


NMEA-0183 sentences produced: Overview of sentences produced by a garmin.
NMEA-0183 standard: A full list of what the first two letters in the NMEA output stands for and a sparse list of what the last three letters stands for.
NMEA-0183 sentences: A list of sentences from GPS, loran C, Integrated Instrumentation, and Integrated Navigation.
Programs: Lots of programs that can log NMEA-output from a GPS receiver. Everything is shareware.
Replacing NMEA: Explains the drawbacks with NMEA and how to do a better standard.


HowTos for Linux: Many HowTos for Linux in general.
ISPConfig: Download files and installation guide.
Web related: Explanation of all kinds of html, xhtml, php, and much more.
Uninstall MS java VM: How to uninstall and remove Microsoft java virtual machine.
Linux vs windows: DOS commands in windows versus linux commands.
Unix commands: A list of typical Unix commands organised in categories.


Webmaster tools: Webmaster tools at google
Google account: Log in to your google account
Mapmatching algoritms: Walk through the map-matching algorithms and a little java demo of a test run.
Time and Frequency: A glossary from a to Z about time and frequency.
Journals on geodesy: A table of contents service for selected journals in geodesy.
NTRIP software: Download of software both clients and servers.
Interoperability and compatibility: Some presentations about interoperability and compatibility from the International Committee on GNSS.
DOS redirection commands: How to use command redirection operators.
Course satellite geodesy: Homepage for the satellite geodesy course at KU.
DSP lecture: Lecture overview of a webbased Digital Signal Processing course.
Online DSP book: A free online book on fundamentals relating to Digital Signal Processing. Explains everything very well.
Course 02451: Official homepage for the course 02451 Signal Digital Processing at DTU.

News shares| GPS| Galileo| GLONASS| Compass| Ionosphere| Troposphere| Kalman filter| NMEA| howtos| Other